Pranic Healing and Super Brain Yoga

Presented by Linda Koski

Pranic Healing has worked successfully with ailments ranging from asthma, arthritis, cancer to addictions, depression and phobias. It is an effective no-touch, painless healing art that acts as a powerful catalyst to spark the body's inborn ability to repair itself. As featured on CBS 2 News, Pranic Healing® has been accepted and used by medical doctors as complementary care along with Western medicine.


In this interactive and experiential introductory talk some of what you will learn:

· Basic Principles of Pranic Healing to heal yourself and others

· Do Fun Experiments to feel life-force or Prana

· Enhance your knowledge of the Chakras and energy anatomy

· Watch demonstrations of Pranic Healing being applied

· Learn techniques to do quick physical and mental recharging and some basic self-healing

· Energetic Hygiene techniques to decontaminate yourself from negative people and stressful situations

· Experience inner peace and calmness as you learn an advanced meditation technique

· If time permits, much more will be shared!

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Linda Koski is a spiritual student of Joel Goldsmith and the Infinite Way. She has conducted extensive research in the Healing Arts with advanced training from two world renowned holistic healers, Hanna Kroeger and Wendal Hoffman. Linda currently teaches and lectures around the country highlighting Natural Health Care and Therapies, Matrix Energetics, Personology and has certificates from Master Co in Pranic Healing. Linda does Health Readings by dowsing the energy of the organs in her clients body and working with them to bring their body back into balance using Hanna Kroeger Herbs and using radionics. She has studied with Dr. Jes Lim F.S. Master and current president of the World Feng Shui Practitioners' Association and received certification in residential and commercial Feng Shui. Linda has been trained in Matrix Energetics with Dr. Richard Bartlett and The Emotion Code with Dr. Bradley Nelson.



Pranic Healing Testimonials

Pranic Healing ~ Body Sculpting

"I would highly recommend Linda Koski for anyone who is interested in weight management and Pranic Healing Body Sculpting. If you follow her recommendations for the preparation in advance and are in the mind set to be receptive to the procedure I feel you will have amazing results as I did.

I took my measurements in advance and checked my weight prior to my session with Linda, a couple days after the session I measured myself again.  I lost two inches in my waist, two inches in my abdomen, one and a half inches in my hips, half inch in my thighs and a half an inch in my upper arms.  That was a total of 6 1/2 inches in a couple of days.  Because I didn't want to lose any inches in my bust line and Linda was able to address that, I was amazed that the inches in my bust didn't change because that is the first place I usually lose.    When I checked my weight I had lost 6 pounds. Linda is very knowledgeable in many areas of health and wellness and is truly dedicated to her work."
J. L. Harrison Twp. MI

Pranic Healing ~ Body Sculpting

"I recently participated in a Pranic Healing Body Sculpting session with Linda. I am 46 and struggled with health and weight issues for many years. I have tried dozens of diets, worked out at the gym five days a week, hired a personal trainer, and taken weight loss products to no avail. When Linda told me about the Pranic Healing Body Sculpting I decided to schedule an appointment. I observed Linda’s prescribed protocol prior to healing and immediately following my session I measured a total of eight inches shed from my 5’ 1” frame! As I continue to follow the pre-healing instructions daily I find that each day I’m a bit slimmer than the day before. The healing is ongoing and I am grateful for my new healthy body! This is a wonderful experience!" Shari, Austin, TX


Pranic Healing ~ Stroke

Patricia called me two weeks ago saying that she had had a stroke and that she couldn’t move her right arm. I immediately did Pranic Healing and after only ½ hour of healing she could move her arm half way. I then broadcasted and sent herbs as her blood pressure was 160 over 119. After a few days her blood pressure went down and she is getting stronger every day. She called me today and said she is doing so much better, her speech is 75% improved and her right arm is mobile she sounded very happy with the fast results. She can grasp things with her right hand but cannot write yet, she asked me to put down the facts since it is difficult for her to type. With Pranic Healing, Hanna’s herbs, homeopathies and broadcasting healing time is greatly accelerated.


Pranic Healing ~ Tumors


"Linda, we are so happy that Tiger's tumors are gone in two days after you worked on him from a distance!  This is unbelievable how quick it worked.  He had one of the tumor for a long time and it was the size of the end of my thumb under his chin.  Another smaller one on his back.  We are very grateful for your help."   Love, John and Rose From Detroit, Michigan


Pranic Healing ~ Pneumonia

“I was diagnosed with multi-lobe pneumonia - in three lobes.  I was the second patient my physician had treated for 3 lobes pneumonia in his many years of practice. I received the standard antibiotics and was sent home. I was seriously ill and concerned, to say the very least.

"I received several treatments from Linda Koski beginning the week of my diagnosis, including Pranic Healing, herbal remedies and several breathing exercises. What also was so important and helpful to me was the fact that I was able to text Linda with any questions or concerns as often as was appropriate. When one is seriously ill, it is scary so her presence and helpful suggestions were very calming. Linda was there for me - that meant very much.

"After one week, I was seen by my physician who was greatly impressed by my progress in such a brief time.  I followed her suggestions completely - no exceptions.  My strength increased each day and I was able to return to work part-time after 2 weeks and full time the week later. Had my follow-up X-ray this week which my physician read last night. He was impressed by the results - my left lung is clear & the 2 lobes in my right lung have improved.  I might mention that I'm almost 70 years in this incarnation - even a more mild form of pneumonia for folks over 65 often results in hospitalization and often the outcome is not good at all.

"Linda, you have given me my good health back.  Thank you so much for your skill, abilities, gift and love!” FW


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